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Helping the needy:

India is home to millions of poor people who have limited means in life. Some even struggle to get the basics in life: food, water, clothing and shelter. Despite considerable progress made in the socio-economic sphere since independence, even today, more than 23.4% of India’s population lives below the poverty line, as per the World Bank figures. This means that a staggering 276 million people in India survive on $1.25 per day on purchasing power parity. In such a scenario, interventions by charities and NGO become extremely important along with the initiatives and schemes rolled out by the government.

The key to tackle poverty does not lie in doling out benefits to the needy. The focus here should be on equipping them with all the necessary tools (quality education, healthcare, safety and security, professional skills, etc.) so that they can attain personal economic growth and in turn contribute to their own, society’s and country’s growth.

Here are some ways in which you can contribute your bit in fighting poverty:

NGOs are providing children of today (who are the future of tomorrow) the right tools and paving the way for them to march ahead in life. Our organisation is helping deprived children get a chance at a fulfilling childhood by providing them quality learning opportunities, access to healthcare, protection from abuse and harm and relief and rehabilitation during disasters and emergencies. The idea is to empower the most marginalised children of India to grow up into mature, healthy and skilled adults who can earn a decent livelihood and leave behind the life of poverty.

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